It was late 2007. I was in my final semester at UCF in Orlando. My love for discovering music kept me on a website called MOG for long periods at a time. This night was no different.

I find a British connection of mine buzzing about a new song that was released in England called “Hometown Glory.”

Immediately, I am in love. A few days later, I did my due diligence, called in a few favors and had my hands on a now infamous album known as “19.” It was Adele’s debut – only released in the UK at the time.

I played it for weeks. Friends would come into the car and ask me who I was listening to with a wide smile on their faces. I was pleased to pass on my beautiful music discovery while forewarning them that the album wasn’t available here yet.

Several months later, as inevitable as it was, I hear some American buzz surrounding Adele and her first single from the album – “Chasing Pavements.” It was about time she was coming to the U.S., but would she receive the attention she deserved here?

After the official U.S. release of the album, I named it my #1 album of 2008. This was before she REALLY began to take flight. It’s funny to look back at my review of the album now and also compare it to the albums it surpassed in my eyes that year.

It has been just over 4 years since that incredible night in my Orlando apartment. If I had ever second-guessed Adele’s success and popularity, it was squashed last night after her 6 Grammy wins, stellar performance, and overall attention surrounding her recent throat surgery.

If it wasn’t for the constant tributes to Whitney Houston, the night would have been completely dedicated to the young woman that has seemingly become the biggest musician in the world.

Congratulations, Adele! If there is any musician that deserves the success you are receiving, it is you.